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Before, During, And After Your Luxury Vinyl Installation

Before your new vinyl floors are installed, you will need to remove all furniture and items from the room and closet spaces, as well as pictures and items from the wall. Many vinyl products can be installed over other flooring types, so the old flooring may not need to be removed or requires subfloor prep ahead of time! We can help you assess any subfloor prep, flooring removal, or door adjustments that will need to be made in advance. Let your new vinyl acclimate for 2 days before installation.

When your vinyl installation day is here, you will need to stay nearby to answer any questions from your installers or handle any issues that arise. Since the installers are cutting planks and using equipment that can cause injuries, you will need to keep pets or children safely away from the installation process and designate a safe work area for the installers to house tools and resize vinyl. Before the installers leave, ask any questions and review the full range of motion of your doors. If your new vinyl is not glued down, you can walk on it immediately but wait for 24 hours before bringing furniture back in. If your new vinyl is glued down, we recommend waiting a full 24 hours before walking on your new floors.

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Luxury Vinyl Care
& Maintenance

Now that your new vinyl has been installed flawlessly, it's time to learn about the best care and maintenance practices that will keep your versatile floors spotless:

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