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Genuine wood planks are full of presence and rustic beauty. 

Why Choose hardwood?

No other flooring type adds value to your home
like genuine hardwood planks. These naturally luxurious floors are incredibly durable and you will be able to refinish the striking surface over time. 

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Hardwood Types in Irwin, PA

When you're ready to select attractive, charming hardwood for your home, different factors will help determine the type of hardwood you need. We can help you explore which hardwood species will best serve your home with factors like durability, dent resistance, and scratch resistance based on the household activity level. If you have an active home with kids and pets, different hardwood varieties will be better suited to handle the foot traffic and potential accidents better than others. Also, the right type of hardwood can help enhance your favorite aesthetic with gorgeous tones, texture, and graining. Our hardwood experts are ready to help you find the right planks for long-lasting performance and satisfaction!

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We are proud to serve Irwin, PA and the greater Westmoreland County community with flooring solutions for the entire home. When you are ready to start your exciting project, visit our flooring showroom located at 111 Notch Lane, Wendel, PA 15691 and bring your favorite ideas!